Best Mistake
Chianna Wang: turning 20 on 6/9, located in SB, & enjoys word puns.

"I don't know why, but it gives me hope, hope that this something is more important than the sad things in my life, and that one day maybe those sad things won't have such power over me anymore."

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hahaha so cute

Nike Women’s Marathon 2012

finished my first marathon!!!!!! i honestly wish i could’ve done better¬†because¬†halfway through i pulled my leg muscle and literally had to hobble the rest of the way. i pretty much can’t really walk/bend my left leg anymore ): but this quote is one of my favorites and i think it really applies to what i had to do today. i’m happy i finished it, walking, hobbling, running, whatever because it means i didn’t give up and i’ve finally achieved something i’ve always wanted to do! something to check off that bucket list! ^__^